Right: President Jean-Marc OGIER (University of La Rochelle), Left: President HAMADA Kunihiro holding the shield presented to the University of La Rochelle from Shinshu University

On June 15, 2018, a commemorative ceremony to celebrate the twenty years of collaboration between the University of La Rochelle and Shinshu University was held at the Matsumoto Campus Central Library.

The University of La Rochelle is a national university located in La Rochelle, a port town in western France. The ceremony was honoured by the presence of the University of La Rochelle President Jean-Marc OGIER, Vice-President for International Affairs Eric MONTEIRO, and Professor Brahim ELOUADI, a key person in initiating this collaboration. As representatives from Shinshu University, President HAMADA Kunihiro, Vice-President TANAKA Kiyoshi (in charge of International Affairs) and Professor Emeritus FUKAMI Tatsuo (former professor of the Faculty of Engineering) attended the event.

After the opening speech from the Presidents of both universities, Prof. TANAKA, Prof. em. FUKAMI and Prof. ELOUADI gave a review about the 20 years history of collaboration, followed by a warm welcome extended by Prof. YOSHIDA Masaaki, Faculty of Arts, French Literature. Afterwards, President OGIER and Vice-President MONTEIRO introduced the new model of universities in France as well as new policies and initiatives for the international exchange.

Since the conclusion of the Academic Exchange Agreement in 1998, various activities such as joint research and a brisk exchange of students have been achieved. In occasion of the ceremony, which is an important milestone in this collaboration, the opportunities for the further development of the inter-university relationship were discussed and both universities mutually confirmed to further enhance the deep-reaching ties of this collaboration.

A ceremonial highlight was the festive handover of presents and shields as a sign of esteem and gratitude between both universities and for the key persons in this collaboration, Prof. ELOUADI, and Prof. em. FUKAMI, accompanied by cordial applause.

Right: Professor Brahim ELOUADI, Left: Professor Emeritus FUKAMI Tatsuo

President Jean-Marc OGIER (University of La Rochelle) delivering the opening speech