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The University's Vision for Research

1Vision for Research Standards and Achievements
  • 1) To promote research based on the teaching faculty's innovative ideas
  • 2) To establish important areas of study from a mid-term perspective and promote sophisticated and distinct research
  • 3) To establish and maintain a base for international research and attempt to preserve/improve research standards for relevant fields
2Vision for Implementing Research
  • 1) To systematically establish a research environment from a mid-term perspective
  • 2) To construct an "intellectual creation cycle," based on the cooperation between the government, industry, and academia for advancing research into intellectual property

Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research (ICCER) brings together the research fields for which Shinshu University is noted

We have established Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research (ICCER), where our resources will be focused into research fields (Carbon Sci. & Tech., Energy & Environmental Sci., Fiber Eng., Mountain Sci., and Biomedical Sci.) that are unique to Shinshu University. We aim to boost our research and technological innovation capability through the elevation of the research level of our younger professors and through collaboration with distinguished researchers from around the world. We are confident that cutting edge research and the integration of separate research fields in ICCER will led to the development of a Center of Excellence.


Institute of Carbon Science and Technology (ICST)

The institute is a pioneer in the development of new technologies and materials geared to becoming the core competencies of Japanese industry for the creation of carbon innovations in the 21st century. World-leading research is conducted in the field of nanocarbons, aimed at contributing to a broad range of fields including the environment and energy, biotechnology and medicine, and ICT.

Center for Energy and Environmental Science (X-Breed)

Cutting energy consumption via technologies with low environmental impact and environmentally benign materials is our ultimate goal.
To meet such demands, The Center for Energy and Environmental Science brings together energetic researchers from a vast field of science and technology to materialize unprecedented ideas (X-breeding of ideas). We will take a responsive and leading role in the realization of a sustainable society.

Institute for Fiber Engineering,
Shinshu University (IFES)

Rooted in the textile engineering sciences, the Institute for Fiber Engineering encompasses the fields of Biology, Materials Science, Robotics and Kansei, and aims to exploit its world-leading research resources to develop innovative textile technologies.

Institute of Mountain Science (IMS)

The institute aims to resolve urgent environmental issues in mountainous areas accompanying global climate change based on scientific research, and to explore ways of merging human activities with the natural environment in mountainous areas where regeneration, conservation and utilization of the natural environment and disaster prevention can be practiced.

Institute for Biomedical Sciences (IBS)

We aim to develop measures for a never before experienced rapidly aging society and conduct comprehensive biomedical science research in order to maintain Japan's scientific competitiveness through synergistically integrated projects related to biomedical science, medicine, and the environment.

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