Code of Conduct

Shinshu University Code of Conduct

Established on January 19, 2006
Revised on December 16, 2015

The social mission of Shinshu University and the public nature of its operations require that we comply strictly with laws and regulations in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and that the University is managed in a sound and proper manner. In order to meet these demands, it is necessary for each and every one of our faculty and staff to maintain a sense of values and high ethical standards, and to carry out their activities with integrity and fairness. We hereby establish the Shinshu University Code of Conduct, which we, the faculty and staff, will unceasingly put into practice in accordance with the philosophy and goals of Shinshu University.

1. Respecting human rights

We will respect the human rights of each individual, and never allow discrimination or harassment of any nature so as to create a learning, research, and work environment that enables all members of the University to use their individual strengths and skills to the fullest extent.

2. Compliance with Laws and Ordinances

We will comply with all laws, ordinances and relevant regulations and operate in a sound and appropriate manner to ensure the maintenance of public trust.

3. Contributing to society

In light of the University's social mission, we will proactively contribute to the peace, development and the stability of the local community and international society through educational and research activities.

4. Information disclosure and respect for intellectual property rights

We will proactively disclose our activities to promote better public understanding and trust in the University. We will also take the utmost care to protect personal information, maintain confidentiality with respect to any information collected in the course of University business, and respect intellectual property rights.

5. Protecting the environment

We will foster a keen awareness of environmental issues and will promote activities that contribute to environmental conservation and the protection of natural resources.

6. Ensuring health and safety

We will raise awareness of health and safety issues and create a safe and comfortable learning, research, and work environment. In addition, we will respond promptly and appropriately to unforeseen circumstances.

7. Ensuring proper use of funds and appropriate management of assets

We will manage university assets and funds appropriately and efficiently, ensuring that they are used only for legitimate purposes.