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Shinshu University is a national university with eight faculties (Arts, Education, Economics and Law, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, and Textile Science and Technology) and five graduate schools. The University offers courses and conducts research across a broad range of academic disciplines on its five campuses spread across Nagano.

The University takes full advantage of its multidisciplinary character by encouraging collaboration between its various academic departments, resulting in internationally recognized research and innovative approaches to teaching.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Japan Alps mountain range-the "roof of Japan"-the University is a local center of knowledge, actively forging collaborative relationships with the local community and industry as it seeks for new ways to contribute to the goal of building a sustainable society.

Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting-Edge Research: A World-Class International Research Center

The Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting-Edge Research was established in order to bring together resources in six research areas in which the University has unique, world-class strengths: Research Initiative for Supra-Materials, Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Research Center for Social Systems, Institute for Fiber Engineering, Institute for Mountain Science and Shinshu University Research Center for Aerospace Systems. Our aim in pursuing this multi-faceted approach that transcends the traditional barriers separating academic fields is to nurture the next generation of researchers and position the University at the forefront of innovation and creativity in science and technology.

The Only Faculty of Textile Science and Technology in Japan

The only Faculty of Textile Science and Technology The only Faculty of Textile Science and Technology

The Faculty of Textile Science and Technology is the only faculty in Japan with "Textile" in its name. Since the time of the once-flourishing silk industry, it has been recognized as an international research center in fiber engineering, and in 2010 celebrated the centenary of its establishment. In 2012, we joined the European-based "Association of Universities for Textiles (AUTEX)" in order to stimulate international exchange and collaboration. We are proud of how our fiber engineering research has contributed to the worldwide development of material sciences in recent years.

Ranked No.2 for Outreach: University Local Community Contribution

University Local Community Contribution University Local Community Contribution

Shinshu University ranked No.2 in Japan in "2021 National University Local Contribution Ranking" published by the NIKKEI and the Research Institute for Industrial Regions. The University was rated highly across the board in areas such as number of collaborative projects between industry, academia and government, number of courses and symposiums held for residents, and local volunteer activities by students.

Education and Research from the Rich Natural Environment of Shinshu

Nagano Prefecture is located in the center of Japan, a region blessed with abundant natural resources such as excellent air quality, pure water, blue skies, and natural resource. Local folk crafts, historical assets, and traditional culture are kept alive throughout the prefecture at many popular sites such as Zenkoji Temple, Matsumoto Castle, and Ueda Castle.

Education and Research Education and Research