Ueda Campus


3-15-1, Tokida, Ueda City 386-8567


By Chikuma Bus

At JR/Shinano Railway Ueda Station, take Chikuma Bus for "Kakeyu Onsen or Maruko" from bus stop No.1.
It takes about 3 min. Get off at "AEON Ueda Mae". Walk for about 5 min. to campus.

By Ueda Bus

At JR/Shinano Railway Ueda Station, take Ueda Bus for "East Course" from bus stop No.2. It takes about 3 min.
Get off at "AEON Ueda Mae". Walk for 5 min. to campus.

Access Map

Campus Map

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Campus Map
  1. AFunctional Machinery Mechanics Building
  2. BTextile Science and Technology Library
  3. CTextile Research Practice
  4. D1Administration Office
  5. D2Lecture Rooms
  6. D3Advanced Textile Engineering
  7. EAuditorium
  8. FChemistry and Materials
  9. GFunctional Polymer Science
  10. HApplied Biology
  11. IKansei Engineering / Bioengineering
  12. J1-J2Advanced Fiber Spinning
  13. KInstitute for Fiber Engineering
  14. LGymnasium
  15. MMulberry Hall (Cafeteria/Bookstore)
  16. NResearch Center for Advanced Science and Technology
  17. OLife Science Research
  18. PExperimental Research in Farm
  19. QAsama Research Extention Center (AREC)
  20. RDivision of Instrumental Research
  21. SDivision of Gene Research
  22. TResearch Center for Advanced Plant Factory (SU-PLAF)
  23. UFiber Innovation Incubator (Fii)
  24. VOpen Venture Innovation Center(OVIC)
  25. 1Security Office
  26. 2Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Archives Museum
  27. 3Martial Art Building
  28. 4Japanese Archery Court
  29. 5Student Dormitory
  30. 6Student Union
  31. 7Silkworm Rearing Room by Artificial Diet
  32. 8Mechanized Rearing Room for Silkworms