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To ensure that users have rapid access to accurate information, and to prevent leakage of the user's personal information, Shinshu University will manage and maintain the website in accordance with our privacy policy.

Official Website of Shinshu University

This ( ) is the official website of Shinshu University, managed and maintained by the Shinshu University Office of Public Relations and Information Services.

About the Website

This official website of Shinshu University is mutually linked to the websites of its various departments and affiliated institutions. The websites of the various departments and affiliated institutions are managed and maintained by each department's respective [Guidelines for Setting Up and Maintaining a Website].
The URL of Shinshu University's Official Website is Any other URL is not the official website of Shinshu University.

eg. https://○○○.


Shinshu University's goal is to provide consistency throughout the official website and those of the various departments and affiliated institutions. To that end, we will continue to maintain and update the website.

Presently, the guidelines for setting up and maintaining a website apply to the overall structure of the website of Shinshu University and not to the details.

As such, some of the contents of this page, as in the granting of permission to links between the University website and those of the various departments and affiliated institutions, there may exist some differences or discrepancies.

About the Contents on This Official Website

Accessing the Information on This Site

Our goal is eliminate any gaps in information access and to make it possible for everyone who visits our site to obtain information easily and rapidly.


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We recommend that you use the latest versions of the above browsers and Flash screen resolution of 800×600 or higher.

Revisions or Discontinuance of Service

The information, contents, or the URL of this website may be revised or discontinued without prior notice.

About Copyrights

Copyrights to this site are owned by Shinshu University.
Photocopying any of the material on this site without permission is an infringement of copyrights. If you wish to reproduce the material on this site, please obtain consent from the Office of Public Relations.

Links to This Site

You are free to link to our official website, but please observe the following:

Please link to our top page ( ).
We may refuse permission to or disable a link that we feel is inappropriate.
Please notify the Office of Public Relations when you link to our site.

Links to Various Faculties/Affiliated Institutions

Please notify the respective website operator.

Links to Third Party Sites

Shinshu University may provide links to external sites.
The University does not assume any responsibility for the protection of privacy on third party sites.

Privacy Protection and Security

Shinshu University promises to protect the privacy of all persons who visit this site.
Upon consent, Shinshu University may receive personal information from visitors to this site. This personal information will be used to fulfill your request for information.

You will be informed each time your private information is collected via this Site for any other purpose.
If you do not consent, your information will not be used. Without your consent, or unless required to do so by law, your personal data will not be given to third parties.

We also promise that other organizations that we hire to provide services for the management of this website will abide by the strict policies of privacy protection and use of information.
If you wish to have personal information that you have provided via this site deleted or amended, please contact the Office of Public Relations and Information Services and we will take immediate action.

About Cookies

Shinshu University may use cookies to store partial data about the computers of visitors to this site or web beacons to determine which pages have been viewed.
These are used to provide appropriate service to the web users and cannot be used to identify personal information. You may set your browser to reject to cookies.

Use of Google Analytics Service

This website uses the Google Analytics service in order to statistically understand the browsing status of users and to help improve the site.
Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information about users, but does not collect information that identifies individuals.
For more information about Google Analytics' terms of use and privacy policy, please visit the Google Analytics website below.

Google Analytics Terms of Service
Google Privacy Policy

About HTTPS (SSL encrypted communication)

For the safety of our users, the main campus website uses HTTPS (SSL encrypted communication) to encrypt the contents of communication. If the page does not display properly, your OS or browser may not be compatible with the SSL version or certificate type set for this site. In this case, you will need to update your OS or browser, or change your settings.

Inquiries Regarding the Website

Inquiry about this website, please inquire by contact form.

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