Shinshu University Researcher Interviews

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Shinshu University has about a thousand researchers specializing in a variety of disciplines from law to medicine to textile science and electrical engineering. We strive to introduce as many researchers to you as possible. Prospective students and researchers can use this site as a guide to see if SU is the right place for you to realize your goals and dreams. For others of you, who may also be researchers, businesses, governments, and media, we hope this site functions as a place to find possible collaborators.

If any of the above does not apply to you, perhaps these stories provide a source of comradery with fellow faculty, teachers, researchers, scientists, and mentors to anyone who has not lost their sense of curiosity and is on their own pursuit of uncovering knowledge.

Our Researchers

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Fumiki Takahashi Faculty of Science


Takashi Nakaya Faculty of Engineering


Yosuke Kageshima Faculty of Engineering


Hideaki Hata Faculty of Engineering


Yoshiki Hanaoka School of Medicine


Daisuke Matsunaka Faculty of Engineering

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