Our Policies

Gender Equality

Shinshu University Basic Policy for Gender Equality

Shinshu University will strive to realize the following basic policies in accordance with the purpose of the Declaration of Gender Equality of Shinshu University.

  • Establish a system to promote gender equality
  • Expanding applications, hiring and training of female researchers and supporting their research activities
  • Promotion of women's participation in university administration
  • Promotion of work-life balance
  • Education and awareness-raising activities on gender equality and cooperation and collaboration within and outside the university

Prevention of Harassment

Shinshu University
Campus Code

Updated on June 15, 2005

Shinshu University is committed to the improvement of human welfare, the acceptance of diverse cultures and ideas, and the respect for independent individuals as its "Philosophy" and to creating a campus free from human rights violations, discrimination, prejudice, and harassment. Shinshu University has established the "Canvas Code" as a basic guideline for the eradication of human rights violations, discrimination and prejudice, and harassment in education, research, study, work and other group and individual activities.

We respect individuals equally as human beings.

Shinshu University and its members do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of birth, occupation, ethnicity, nationality, native language, name, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, body, or age, and we respect individuals equally as human beings.

We respect the freedom of study and speech.

Shinshu University and its members place the dignity of the human person first, and respect academic freedom and discourse. We will take strict action against any violation of basic human rights, defamation, or any act or behavior that solely promotes discrimination or prejudice that interferes with these freedoms.

We shall strive to eradicate gender discrimination and promote gender equality.

Shinshu University and its members shall emphasize the principle that all human beings are equal and that men and women have equal rights, and shall strive to eradicate sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, and promote gender equality.

We will prevent violations of human rights.

Shinshu University and its members shall not tolerate human rights violations, discrimination and prejudice, harassment, etc., and shall strive to prevent such violations, and shall deal with such acts, words and actions in a strict manner.

We will exercise our rights and authority properly.

Shinshu University and its members shall not abuse their rights and authority in the course of their studies or employment, and shall exercise them appropriately so that they do not cause interference or harassment.

We will protect privacy.

Shinshu University and its members will take appropriate measures to ensure the privacy and honor of the parties concerned and related parties when relieving and dealing with human rights violations.

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Shinshu University contributes to the realization of a sustainable society where people and nature live in harmony through various activities, including education, research, community service, and international exchange at the university in order to protect our irreplaceable environment.

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Basic Principles

Shinshu University will actively and continuously engage in health and safety activities and health promotion to protect the safety and physical and mental health of its faculty, staff and students, and to ensure a comfortable and healthy work and study environment. We also aim to contribute to the local and international community by developing human resources with both health and safety awareness and an environmental mindset.

Smoke-free Campus

Shinshu University has implemented a no-smoking policy on campus beginning April 1, 2016. We continue to ask for the understanding and cooperation of students and faculty in order to maintain a tobacco-free campus.