Study at Shinshu University

Degree Program (Undergraduate / Graduate School)

For those who want to complete university degree.

Contact list of faculties / graduate schools

Enrolling as an undergraduate student

Students will be admitted to Shinshu University after passing the entrance exam for Privately-Financed International Students (私費外国人留学生入試). April intake only. Most of the undergraduate courses are taught in Japanese. Japanese language proficiency should be fluent enough, at least JLPTN2 or equivalent.
Undergraduate Admissions Information

For more information about EJU and Japanese language study, please see the following page.
Learning Support

Enrolling as a graduate student

Students will be admitted to the graduate school of their choice after passing the entrance exam. April or October intake.
Graduate School

Exchange Program

For those who want to study at Shinshu University for 6 month or a year while enrolled in the partner university.
◆If you want to learn mainly Japanese, please check the GEC Exchange Student Program.
◆If you want to study a specialized subject, please contact the Faculty/Graduate School

or the GEC's international student inbound office (

Special Program

Double Degree Program

This program allows students to earn both degrees from Shinshu University and a partner university that has double degree program agreement by studying abroad for at least one year when they fulfill the prescribed requirements.

English-only Degree Program

Some graduate schools offer the program that allow students to earn a degree with courses taught in English.
"International Graduate Program for Agricultural and Biological Science", Department of Agriculture, Graduate School of Science and Technology (Master's Program)

Graduate School of Medicine, Science and Technology (Doctoral Program)

Research Student

In order to enroll a graduate school in Shinshu University, you are able to prepare for the entrance exam in Japan while you receive a preparatory education under your desired professors. For more information, please check the Basic Information for Entrance.

Type of Scholarship

There are 3 types of scholarship.
・Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship
For students who receive a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
Study in Japan

・Foreign government scholarship
For students who receive a scholarship from the government of their countries. We have had those students from Malaysia, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.

・Private scholarship
For students who study abroad at their own expense or receiving private scholarships. For more information about the private scholarship, please check Scholarship.
Scholarship外国人留学生向け奨学金・経済支援情報(Japanese version)