1. Undergraduate
School of General Education[Matsumoto Campus]

Center for General Education
[Matsumoto Campus]

The mission of the Center for General Education, is to cooperate closely with the five faculties concerned with teaching (Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of Textile Science and Technology) in order to make individuals acquire high professional skills based on the basic university policies for education.
Furthermore it aims to promote the educational research development and manage its plan comprehensively based on the university wide common perspective.

Faculty of Arts[Matsumoto Campus]

Faculty of Arts
[Matsumoto Campus]

Nestled in Shinshu's four-season natural environment, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Faculty of Arts provides education that focuses on living harmoniously with both man and nature while dealing with related issues. We aim to foster the indivisuals of a new age (neo-humanists) who can not only consistently adopt a fundamental approach to all aspects of multifaceted contemporary society, but also critically and creatively consider such approach with their acquired practical wisdom.

Department of Arts

  • Course for Philosophy & Art Communication
  • Course for Cultural Information & Sociology
  • Course for Psychology & Social Psychology
  • Course for History
  • Course for Comparative Language and Culture
  • Course for English and American Language and Culture
  • Course for Japanese Language and Culture
Faculty of Education[Nagano (Education) Campus]

Faculty of Education
[Nagano (Education) Campus]

Located in the rich natural environment of Shinshu, the Faculty of Education fosters talented individuals ready to bear the responsibility of educating future generations who have acquired both specialized expertise and fundamental abilities through practical experience and a rich sense of humanity. In collaboration with the schools associated with the Faculty of Education and the local community, we aim to deepen cooperation between the Faculty of Education and the Board of Education to provide our students with education centered on the principles of "clinical wisdom.

Training Courses for School Teachers

Faculty of Economics and Law[Matsumoto Campus]

Faculty of Economics and Law
[Matsumoto Campus]

The Faculty of Economics and Law conducts research and education according to our key concept: from the university to society; from society to the university. According to this concept, the Faculty of Economics is forming networks with the local community and foreign countries in order to implement specialized research and education that focuses on the investigation of Japan's current social and economic issues. Furthermore, we are proactively and independently focusing on the leading issues affecting modern society through cooperation with other fields of study.

  • Department of Applied Economics
  • Department of Law
Faculty of Science[Matsumoto Campus]

Faculty of Science
[Matsumoto Campus]

The Faculty of Science is a place to pursue intellectual curiosity. The fundamental principles of this area of study are to examine the diverse phenomena found in the natural world and pursue the laws behind their existence. At the Shinshu Faculty of Science, we value the rich natural environment of Shinshu, its history and culture, and the activity of its people, based on the vision of the university and the fundamental principles of science. We aim to conserve nature, improve the welfare of all people, and stimulate industry through intellectual resources and activities. We foster talented individuals who can understand, respect, and live harmoniously with the world's diverse natural environments and cultures. In addition to nurturing individuality, we hope to provide our students with a wider perspective that exceeds their field of study and the ability to easily adapt to new information. We must use our research accomplishments responsively for advancement of the well-being of all people without harming the sanctity of nature.

  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Science
School of Medicine[Matsumoto Campus]

School of Medicine
[Matsumoto Campus]

The School of Medicine conducts advanced and creative medical research, in addition to fostering clinicians, medical professionals, and researchers with a rich sense of humanity, a broad academic outlook, and the capacity to solve problems. Furthermore, the School of Medicine contributes to the local community and international exchange through the development of its education/research and medical treatment.

School of Medicine

  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Clinical Medical Sciences

School of Health Sciences

  • Division of Nursing
  • Division of Medical Technology
  • Division of Physical Therapy
  • Division of Occupational Therapy
Faculty of Engineering[Nagano (Engineering) Campus]

Faculty of Engineering
[Nagano (Engineering) Campus]

Situated in a lush natural environment, the Faculty of Engineering fosters individuals with creativity, specialized knowledge in a broad range of engineering topics, and the capacity to adapt internationalization and interdisciplinary technological research developments in this increasingly information-oriented society. Furthermore, it fosters students who will contribute to society through their profound concern for harmony between engineering and environmental conservation.

  • Department of Materials Chemistry
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Department of Water Environment and Civil Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
  • Department of Architecture
Faculty of Agriculture[Ina Campus]

Faculty of Agriculture
[Ina Campus]

The Faculty of Agriculture conducts scientific, practical, and ethical education and research, while developing agriculture in the rich natural climate of Shinshu. We aim to educate individuals in the ability to investigate issues with a broad perspective in order to create a sustainable society in which people and nature coexist.

  • Department of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Faculty of Textile Science and Technology[Ueda Campus]

Faculty of Textile Science and Technology
[Ueda Campus]

The Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, surrounded by the rich natural environment of Shinshu, aims to further develop interdisciplinary leading-edge science and technology through the context of traditional science and technology rooted in textiles, the essence of clothing, food, and housing. Furthermore, the faculty cultivates engineers, advanced skilled professionals, and researchers who can contribute to our coexistence with the global environment, development of human society, and improvement of welfare.

Department of Advanced Textile and Kansei Engineering

  • Advanced Textile Engineering Course
  • Kansei Engineering Course

Department of Machinery and Robotics

  • Functional Machinery and Mechanics Course
  • Bioengineering Course

Department of Chemistry and Materials

  • Applied Chemistry Course
  • Materials and Chemical Engineering Course
  • Functional Polymer Science Course

Department of Applied Biology

  • Bioscience and Biotechnology Course
  • Bioresource and Environmental Science Course