Graduate Schools

  1. Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
[Master's Program]

Through elucidating the causes of community issues in cooperation with colleagues from other disciplines, the school prepares graduates to propose measures to solve them by understanding the characteristics of each community.

Graduate School of Education
[Professional Degree Program]

The aim of the program is to train teachers who possess advanced knowledge and skills to contribute to the education of children and students in response to rapid developments in science and society. About one-third of the students in the program are current teachers.

Graduate School of Medicine
[Master's Program]

The goal of medical research is to ultimately help diagnose and treat human disease through medical practice. Our mission is to conduct research that is based on solid ethical guidelines and is useful for the development of medical practice.

Graduate School of Science and Technology
[Master's Program]

The program is based on a six-year integrated bachelor's and master's program, taking advantage of the wide range of academic fields involved to provide students with the specialized knowledge and research methods necessary to become highly skilled professionals with an enterprising spirit and broad vision for exploring interdisciplinary fields and a high level of problem-solving ability.

Graduate School of Medicine, Science and Technology
[Doctoral Program]

The Department of Medicine, the Department of Integrated Science and Engineering, and the Department of Biomedical Engineering, merged with the aim of producing graduates with a doctoral degree in response to the new era. The goal of the program is to train students to become highly skilled professionals and researchers with in-depth knowledge and excellent skills in their field of expertise and the ability to flexibly respond to the changing needs in society.