Matsumoto Campus

  1. Matsumoto Campus


3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto City 390-8621


From the main exit (Castle exit or East exit) of JR Matsumoto station, head right and cross the road to ALPICO PLAZA, go down to the basement bus terminal ("Matsumoto Bus Terminal") and take a "Shindai Yokota circular line" or "Asama line".
It takes about 15 min. Get off at "Shinshudaigaku Mae."

For the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Economics and Law and the University library, get off at "Daigaku Nishi Mon", one stop later of "Shinshudaigaku Mae."

Access Map

Campus Map

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Campus Map
  1. 1Headquarter
    Center for Disaster Mitigation and Prevention
  2. 2Center for Health, Safety and Environmental Management
  3. 3Asahi Hall
  4. 4Center for Information Infrastructure
  5. 5Asahi Life Science Research Building
    Institute for Biomedical Sciences (IBS)
    Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
    (Division of Instrumental Research (DIR))
  6. 6University Library / Central Library Shinshu University Archives
  7. 7Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
    (Division of Gene Research, Division of Animal Research, Division of Radioisotope Research)
  8. 8Center for Teaching License Renewal
  9. 9Faculty of Science
  10. 10Faculty of Arts
  11. 11Faculty of Economics and Law
  12. 12Matsumoto Elementary School
  13. 13Matsumoto Junior High School
  14. 14Kindergarten
  15. 15School of Medicine
    Center for Advanced Research of Gene and Cell
    Therapy in Shinshu University
  16. 16School of Health Sciences
  17. 17Institute of Pathogenesis and Disease Prevention
  18. 18Medical Library
  19. 19Lecture and Practice Room (School of Medicine)
  20. 20University Hospital
  21. 21Central Machine Room
  22. 22Center for General Education
    Student Support Center (1F)
    Career Support Center (1F)
    Student Advisory Center (1F)
    e-Learning Center
    Center for Global Education and Collaboration (2F)
    Center for the Teaching Profession (2F)
    Research Center for Higher Education (4F)
  23. 23Purchasing Division (1F)
    Cafeteria (Azumi Hall)(2F)
  24. 24Baseball Field (Third Athletic Ground)
  25. 25First Gymnasium
  26. 26Second Gymnasium
  27. 27Archery Hall
  28. 28Green Field (First Athletic Ground)
  29. 29Center for Shinshu Medical Innovation of Regional Technology
    University Research Administration Office (URA)
  30. 30The Shinshu University Museum of Nature and Science
  31. 31Research Data Room
  32. 32Center for Community Health Promotion
  33. 33OHISAMA Nursery School