Ina Campus


8304, Minamiminowa-Village, Kamiina-County 399-4598


By Chuoh Expressway Bus

Walk for 15 minutes from Ina Inter (-section) Mae, bus stop of Chuoh Expressway bus services from Shinjuku, Tokyo, and from Nagoya.

By JR Train

From Ina Station of JR Iida Line, walk to the left for 2 minutes to Ina Bus Terminal.
Take Nishi-Minowa to Daigaku Iriguchi. Walk for 5 minutes to campus.

Access Map

Campus Map

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Campus Map

West Area

  1. 1Administration Building A-1
  2. 2Lecture Building A-2
  3. 3Agricultural Library
  4. 4Building B
  5. 5Lab Building B
  6. 6Building C
  7. 7Building D
  8. 8Building E
    Institute for Mountain Science
  9. 9Building F
  10. 10Building G (Education and Research Center of Alpine Field Science (AFC), Campus Station Research Farm Laboratories)
  11. 11Building H (Education and Research Center of Alpine Field Science(AFC), Campus Station Research Farm Office)
  12. 12Building I
  13. 13Welfare Facilities
  14. 14Gymnasium
  15. 15Student Dormitory
  16. 16Students Union
  17. 17Exhibition Hall of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences