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Shinshu University values the rich, natural environment of Shinshu and its history, culture, and the work of its people.
Shinshu University strives to conserve nature, improve the welfare of all people, and cultivate industry through intellectual properties and activities.
Shinshu University is a place where the intersection of diverse cultures and ideas fosters young individuals to understand and accept these diverse elements and live in harmony.
Shinshu University values independent personality.
We, at Shinshu University, utilize our skills and accomplishments not to harm, but to benefit all people.


Based on the university's philosophy, Shinshu University has adopted the following goals regarding education, research, regional contribution, and international exchange:


Shinshu University fosters individuals with advanced technical knowledge and abilities, who love precious Nature; accept the diversity in the cultures created by human beings and ideologies; and are educated individuals who exhibit rich communication skills, are cultivated, and have a strong desire to seek concrete issues and resolve them.


The university advances wisdom in society by supporting creative research for sustainable development, sharing the results of these accomplishments with the surrounding region, and creating a learning environment that attracts young talent.

Regional Contributions

The university is highly focused on advancing the cooperation/coordination between itself and each related field by opening itself to the public in order to conserve Shinshu's natural environment, succeed and develop its history/culture, improve the welfare of each individual, and resolve the concrete issues regarding industrial development.

International Exchange

In order to serve as a powerful driving force for promoting international exchange in the region, it proactively accepts talented students and researchers from around the world.

Our vision for the following six-year time period of the university:
Period: April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2016

  • 1) Implementing education that fosters capable, forward-thinking individuals
    The university not only supports its students in gaining specialized knowledge as professionals but also cultivates talented individuals with well-rounded character and superior abilities that can be applied to resolve social problems and fulfill their roles as future leaders in society.
  • 2) Establishing a research institution grounded in the local community and open to the world
    The university contributes to the local community and the world by advancing creative research with regard to sustainable development and harmonious coexistence with nature.
  • 3) Forming partnerships and making contributions that help enhance society on a local level
    As the only unified university in Shinshu, it is proactively concerned with creating a cultural and educational base for the entire prefecture and promoting community development in the region.
  • 4) Promoting a university administration that flexibly corresponds to changes in the social environment
    The university promotes an independent administration that flexibly corresponds to changes in the social environment in accordance with the leadership guidelines of the university president.