Faculty of Economics and Law of Shinshu University, together with Faculty of Law of University of São Paulo, held the Brazil-Japan International Seminar on Litigation and Society and about 40 researchers, judges, and lawyers participated in this seminar from Brazi.. It was also signed an academic agreement with the Brazilian Federal Judge Association to which the federal judge of the Federal Republic of Brazil belongs, and it was carried out institutional visits in Tokyo.

Shinshu University and University of São Paulo had concluded an academic agreement in 2015, and due to an invitation made from Associate Professor Antonio Rodriguez de Freitas Junior, Associate Professor Shimamura was in charge of lectures on Japanese law to graduate students in collaboration with him from August to December 2016. This lecture served as a trigger for holding this seminar.

The seminar was divided into 8 different sessions, such as labor law, alternative dispute resolution procedure (ADR), judicial transaction etc. Each session was composed of reporters from Brazilian and Japanese sides. In the ADR session, the Associate Professor Elizabeth Tippett of Oregon University also joined from the United States in addition to both countries.

In the closing session, an academic agreement was concluded between the Faculty of Economics and Law and the Brazilian Federal Judge Association, and finally it was held a ceremony to honor Professor Masato Ninomiya of University of Sao Paulo (born in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture) who was devoted to concluding the said academic agreement between University of Sao Paulo and Shinshu University that was the origin of this seminar.

With over 70 participants from all over Japan, Brazil, USA, Canada and Taiwan, active discussions were held and a fulfilling seminar was held.

Outline of the Program and Reporters on the Japanese side
January 8th (Monday)
〇 1st Section Characteristics of labor relationship
〇 2nd Section Individual labor law
〇 3rd Section Collective labor law
〇 4th Section Social Security Law
January 9th (Tuesday)
〇 5 th Section Administrative ADR
〇 6 th Section Courts and ADR
〇 7th Section Research Roundtable Presentations
〇 8th Section Limits and possibilities of pleade bargaining
※ Signing ceremony of an academic agreement between the Brazilian Federation Judge Association and the Faculty of Economics and Law of Shinshu University

In Tokyo, we visited the Supreme Court, the National Tax Tribunal and the Life Insurance Association on January 11 (Thursday), and visited the University of Tokyo and the Central Labor Relations Commission, on January 12 (Friday).