On July 22nd, Shinshu University signed a cooperation agreement with the Central Nippon Expressway (NEXCO Central Japan) Hachioji branch office. NEXCO Central Japan has four branch offices including the Hachioji office. The Hachioji office is responsible for the Chuo Expressway from Tokyo to Shinshu including a safety and service center in Matsumoto.

There had been collaborations with individual groups or faculties in the past for particular technical expertise, and this is the first comprehensive partnership agreement signed on behalf of the entire university. The objective is to develop education, human resources, academic research, and technology related to expressways while effectively utilizing the resources of both parties, and contribute to the promotion of regional tourism and industry, with the roadways activating and supplying essential lifeblood to local communities.

Shinshu University does not yet have very many university-wide agreements with private companies based outside Nagano Prefecture. With such agreements the hope is that it will be possible to contribute to the development of local communities on a wider scale by collaborating in education and human resource development as well as technology and research.