1. Symposium on Enhancing Research Capabilities: Strategies for Advancing Aqua Regeneration Research at Shinshu University

Symposium on Enhancing Research Capabilities: Strategies for Advancing Aqua Regeneration Research at Shinshu University


Shinshu University (SU) is dedicated to Extending its unique strengths in research, education, and social contribution, Expanding collaborations with research institutions and industry partners, not only within Nagano Prefecture but also in neighboring regions, and the international community, and Enriching society and building a brighter future, guided by its goals of achieving its "Vision for Greater Shinshu University (VGSU: University Development Concept based on three Es)".

In pursuit of this vision, SU has embarked on its first step by investing resources in the field of Aqua Regeneration, a multidisciplinary domain integrated some areas of research field related to global environmental restoration with an emphasis on water. To foster discussions about the strategic initiative and the latest research within this domain, a symposium was convened in Nagano City on October 30, 2023.

The event commenced with opening remarks from representatives of SU and Nagano Prefecture. The guest speakers, including Mr. Ichiro Ikeda, Director of University-Industry Collaboration and Regional Development Div., Science and Technology Policy Bureau, MEXT; Mr. Manabu Kanaya, Assistant Director of Office for Promotion of International Project Infrastructure System and Water Industry, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, METI; Mr. Shu Nishi, Director of Sewerage International Affairs and Engineering Office, Sewerage and Wastewater Management Department, Water and Disaster Management Bureau, MLIT, expressed their high expectations for this domain.

In the keynote speech, President Soichiro Nakamura expressed his aspiration to drive regional development by creating innovative values extending from SU to broader regions and the world based on the philosophy of VGSU. Following the President's address, speakers, including Distinguished Professor Katsuya Teshima, Special Advisor to the President/Director of the Research Initiative for Supra-Materials; Specially appointed Distinguished Professor Kazunari Domen and Special Emeritus Professor Morinobu Endo, shared their research insights with an engaged audience.

SU is advancing the strategic initiative to bolster its research capabilities, grounded on the integration of research, innovation, and regional contributions. The tentatively named "Aqua Regeneration (ARG) Co-Creation Research Center" established at the Matsumoto Campus, following the grand award of the "Facility Development Program for Joint Research through Collaboration of Regional Core Universities" from the MEXT will serve as the hub for Aqua Regeneration research. In addition, SU is moving forward bringing together exceptional researchers, proposing solutions to address pressing water supply challenges in regions like the Middle East, Africa, and Asia creating a demonstration town within Nagano Prefecture and pioneering a new societal model founded on water circulation and water-related energy, with the aim of addressing regional issues.