Shinshu University ski men's team won the overall championship and women's team won the overall 5th place in the 46th Student Ski Competition Iwatake 2019 demonstration skiing category, which is held at Hakuba Iwataka Snow Field from February 24th to March 1st, 2019. Men's team got the overall first prize for 2 years running.

Student Ski Competition Iwatake demonstration skiing category is the biggest demonstration skiing competition in Japan where college students across the country participate. This time,108 teams for men and 87 teams for women participated. Overall championship is determined by total point of individual, team, and rookie's competition. Shinshu University ski men's team won the 5th in team competition, 7th in rookie's competition, and also achieved a good result in individual competition.

Demonstration Skiing: Unlike alpen competitions that compete for time, the judges grade the quality of turns in the set competition items and determine the ranking.