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  • Debriefing Session of Overseas Basic Research Training Program in Autumn 2023 (The 23rd and 24th International Seminar)


Debriefing Session of Overseas Basic Research Training Program in Autumn 2023 (The 23rd and 24th International Seminar)


From the end of August 2023, one 5-year student has been dispatched to the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), two to the University of Trieste in Italy, and two to the Technical University of Dresden (TUD) Faculty of Medicine in Germany for practicing basic research for three months. They might have a lot of anxiety, but all of the students grew strongly, learned a lot, and returned to Shinshu University safely. On January 24 and 29, 2024, they reported their return to Japan to medical students and faculty members.
 Prof. TAKUMI Yutaka, Prof. HORIUCHI Hiroshi, Prof. IZAWA Atsushi, Emeritus Prof. HONGO Kazuhiro, and many other doctors gave warm words of encouragement to the five students. After the event, our junior students had the opportunity to talk freely with the 5-year students and learn about the reality of the Overseas Basic Research Training Program in Shinshu University. It was a precious opportunity for the students to tell their juniors about the wonderfulness of studying abroad and encourage them.
 I hope that the five 5-year students who were able to experience research life overseas will play an active role with a broad perspective, with a view to studying abroad after the graduation.


Please read the vivid experiences and learning records of the five students.

This program was supported by a scholarship to study abroad from the alumni association of Shinshu University School of Medicine.


Prof. TANAKA Naoki, Director of International Relations Office and Department of Global Medical Research Promotion, Shinshu University School of Medicine


【Overseas Students in Autumn 2023】 (Aiueo Order)

School of Medicine, University of California, Davis
Ms. Sayaka Horiuchi

Faculty of Medicine, University of Trieste, Italy
Mr. Daichi Kawashima and Mr. Shogo Naoe

Faculty of Medicine, Technical University of Dresden, Germany
Ms. Hitomi Yagi and Ms. Moeko Yamada

※The state of the debriefing session was posted on eALPS "International Exchange / Study Abroad" limited to the university. Please watch it and think about your future study abroad.


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