On 9th June, Global Education Center (GEC) conducted Emergency Response Drills for Crisis Management in cooperation with The Japanese Council for the Safety of Overseas Students (JCSOS : specified non-profit corporation), under the assumption that an accident occurred during an overseas training for students organized by GEC.

The simulated accident is set that a student bus during a overseas training in the United States had a traffic accident that causes a death and numerous serious injuries.
The team leader for the Main Emergency team, Prof. Tanaka (Director of GEC) lead team leaders and members from the other 5 teams, which are composed of Information team, Student / Family team, Public Relations team, General affairs / Accounting team, and on-site Dispatcher team, to handle the crisis. The leader of each team conducted a simulation of emergency response, such as family briefing and press conference during the 4-hours drill based on the information given from the site that were updated on a moment-to-moment basis.

Before the drill began, the person in charge of JCSOS gave detailed roles to staffs who served as family members and reporters. Therefore, during the simulation, the family briefing session and the press conference was conducted with a sense of tension. Staffs that played the role of family members requested detailed safety information and demanded to travel to the site, while the staffs that played the role of reporters threw sharp questions, such as the cause of the accident and future response towards the person in charge.
Throughout the drill, President Hamada, Executive Vice President Hirano (in charge of education), Executive Vice President Yamada (in charge of General Affairs), Vice President Tokui (in charge of Public Relations) were present as observers to study what kind of response is needed when an accident actually occurs.

In this drill, participants were able to rehearse countermeasures during the time of a crisis. And the crisis management awareness are also increased among the participants. From then onwards, the crisis management response manual will be reviewed and the safety management system will be enhanced and strengthened with reference to the feedback from the drill in order to ensure that the overseas student dispatchment will be as safe as possible.