1. University Putra Malaysia Visits Shinshu University

University Putra Malaysia Visits Shinshu University


On May 15, 2024, a delegation from University Putra Malaysia (UPM) visited Shinshu University.

Since the signing of an inter-university academic exchange agreement in 2010 and the establishment of a Shinshu University satellite office at UPM in 2017, SU and UPM have built a strong partnership, not only through active exchange in research and education, but also through joint internship programs.

The purpose of the visit was to pay a courtesy call on President Nakamura, to inspect the rehabilitation system of the university hospital, and to accompany the annual short-term UPM student dispatch program to SU Faculty of Engineering.The delegation led by Prof. Dr. Zamberi Sakawi (Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research & Innovation) was welcomed by President Nakamura, Vice President Yonekura (International Planning and Strategy), and faculties from Center for Global Education and Collaboration. The meeting began with opening remarks by representatives of both universities, followed by a presentation session. Senior Assist. Prof. Sengoku (Center for Global Education and Collaboration) introduced about the COIL (Co-operative Online Learning) program planned with UPM, and then Prof. Norhisam (Faculty of Engineering), a collaborative professor for SU, gave a presentation on the collaboration history of UPM and SU, as well as the latest news about UPM.
Through a discussion on future collaboration, the parties consented to continue and expand exchanges for their future prosperity and firmer partnership.


Senior Assist. Prof. Sengoku explaining on
the planned COIL program with UPM


Commemorative gift from UPM to SU

Members of the UPM delegation:
- Prof.Dr. Zamberi Sakawi (Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research & Innovation)
- Prof. Dr.Norhisam Misron (Faculty of Engineering, Collaborative Professor for SU (SU Alumni))
- Prof. Ir. Dr. Siti Anom Ahmad (Faculty of Engineering)
- Dr. Izwan Zuhrin Abdul Malek (Faculty of Medicine and Health Science)
- Dr. Aditya Adawiah Binti Darwis (Faculty of Medicine and Health Science)
Participating from Shinshu University:
- Prof. Soichiro Nakamura, President
- Prof. Shinichi Yonekura, Vice President for International Planning and Strategy
- Center for Global Education and Collaboration
  Associate Prof. Hirokazu Nagata, Senior Assist. Prof. Yu Sengoku