1. Participation in JTA Summit Meeting and International Symposium

Participation in JTA Summit Meeting and International Symposium

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Group photo of the participants

On September 23, 2023, the Summit Meeting of the Japan-Taiwan Alliance of Local Revitalization and Social Practice (JTA) and its International Symposium were held in Taiwan. At the events, representatives from Shinshu University included Vice President Yasuto Hayashi (in charge of Enrollment Management), Associate Professor Hirokazu Nagata (Center for Global Education and Collaboration), and Assistant Professor Sotaro Fujio (University Engagement Division).

Shinshu University and Taiwan have been engaging in discussions on the topics of regional revitalization and the cultivation of global talents through the platform of JTA, which aims to promote the exchange of experiences in social practices between universities in Japan and Taiwan, and taking advantage of its framework, they will continue to collaborate in the field of research, education, and social practice.

The face-to-face events in Taiwan marked the first time in the past four years. During the morning session, Vice President Hayashi served as a panelist in the symposium, and participants exchanged their opinions on examples of social practice in both countries. In the afternoon session of the meeting, followed by the opening remarks from President Dong-sing Wuu of National Chi Nan University in Taiwan, with which Shinshu University has signed an MoU, they discussed the collaboration between Japanese and Taiwanese universities through the JTA.

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Vice President Hayashi served as a panelist


JTA Summit Meeting in the afternoon session


International Symposium in the morning session

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Photo session

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On-site activity in Taiwan