1. Opening Ceremony of Hebei Medical University Satellite Office at Shinshu University

Opening Ceremony of Hebei Medical University Satellite Office at Shinshu University


Prof. Zhai, Secretary of the CPC HEBMU Committee (top left), Prof. Hamada, President of Shinshu University, and satellite office door plate.

Shinshu University celebrated online the satellite office opening of Hebei Medical University (HEBMU), China, on September 17, 2021.


Hebei Medical University and Shinshu University have enjoyed a 35-year relationship since the signing of an academic exchange agreement in 1986. About 100 students from HEBMU have completed their doctoral courses at our University’s School of Medicine. Researchers and staff have actively participated in exchanges through lectures, seminars and joint research projects.

In 2019, Shinshu University representatives visited HEBMU to celebrate the opening of the Shinshu Uni satellite office. The opening ceremony for the HEBMU satellite office was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we were eventually able to make it happen online. Instead of visiting the campus in person, the attendees watched a movie clip showing the Shinshu University campus and the new satellite office.


Prof. Tian (bottom left) and Prof. Cui (bottom right) were appointed as collaborative professors at SU.


Shinshu Uni President Hamada (bottom left) and Vice President Tanaka (bottom right) received the title of Honorary Professorship from Prof. Zhai of HEBMU (top).

After unveiling the door plate, Prof. Cui Huixian and Prof. Tian Qingbao were appointed as collaborative professors of Shinshu University. Both professors received their doctorate degrees from Shinshu University; since then, they have actively contributed to the work of building a bridge between the two universities.

In addition, Prof. Zhai Haihun, Secretary of the CPC HEBMU Committee, conferred the title of Honorary Professor on Shinshu University President Kunihiro Hamada and Vice President Kiyoshi Tanaka, who have supported the exchange between the two universities over the years.

The participants thanked each other for their kindness and spoke of their aspirations for further collaboration, promising to resume meetings after the end of the pandemic.


Hebei Medical University (HEBMU)
Prof. Zhai Haihun (Secretary of the CPC HEBMU Committee)
Prof. Cui Huixian (Professor)
Prof. Tian Qingbao (Director of International Office)
Ms. Na Jia (Interpreter)
Shinshu University (SU):
Prof. Kunihiro Hamada (President)
Prof. Kiyoshi Tanaka (Vice President)
Prof. Tetsuo Nomiyama (Vice Dean, School of Medicine)
Prof. Naoki Tanaka (Director of International Relations Office, School of Medicine)
Ms. Kika Shiokawa (Facilitator)