The Research Center for Aerospace Systems (SURCAS), which was established in October of 2016 was reorganized as a part of the Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research beginning this April. To commemorate the establishment of the fortified center, a joint symposium was held with the 14th Annual Manufacturing Promotion Forum.

Yuichi Yamaura, Former Director of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), gave a keynote speech entitled, “Utilize the Sky - The Evolving Space Business”. The talk focused on Japan and the world’s rapidly changing space business driven by globalization, the advance in ICT terrestrial technologies and how space development and utilization have been made possible by the current environment (ecosystem) and issues left to resolve in the future. The participants listened enthusiastically to the almost dream-like talk. Toshiro Sato, Deputy General Manager of the Center, introduced the efforts of SURCAS.

At the 14th Manufacturing Promotion Forum held in another venue, an exhibit of SURCAS was specially displayed to introduce research contents. The kickoff symposium was held in partnership with Shinshu University's Manufacturing Promotion Association and attendance was about 120 people including associates of the promotion association's member companies, government agencies, organizations, and other stakeholders.

○ Location: Nagano City Wakasato, Shinshu University Nagano (Engineering) Campus
○ Symposium Venue: International Science Innovation Center (AICS) 2nd floor seminar space
○ Forum Venue: Shinshu Science and Technology Promotion Center (SASTec), 3rd floor conference room
○ Organizer: Shinshu University ICCER SURCAS
○ Co-sponsored by: Shinshu University Manufacturing Promotion Association
○ Support: Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Shinshu University Aircraft System Joint Research Consortium, Nagano Prefectural Technology Foundation, NPO Suwa Area Manufacturing Promotion Organization

photo: Keynote Speaker Yuichi Yamaura, Former Director of JAXA