On October 11, 2018, Professor Kiyoshi Banno of the Laboratory of Pomology published a press release and held a review meeting of Super Red-fleshed Apples at the Faculty of Agriculture.

The new lines of super red-fleshed apples, "IHR17" and "IHR32", are cross-bred from "Irodori" and "Honey Rouge", and contained 2 kinds of causal genes for red flesh. The apples having both genes are the first time in the world.

The tree vigour / form of "IHR17" is medium / branched. The fruit is small, sugar content 15%, acid content 1.2%, and the anthocyanin content of the pericarp and pulp extremely high.
The tree vigour / form of "IHR32" is strong / branched. The fruit is big, productive with spur and axillary flower bud. Sugar content 14.5%, acid content 1%.

Media reporters asked a lot of questions at a press conference and showed much interests in new apples. People involved in cider brewery at a review meeting also expressed a keen interest in new apples suitable for cider. It is greatly expected that it will lead to the future development.
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