Assistant Professor Kampei Hayashi of the Faculty of Education won the Best Poster Award at the Emerging Researchers' Conference of the European Conference of Educational Research (ECER2015, Budapest), which was held 7th to 11th September, 2015, at Corvinus University, Budapest.

The European Educational Research Association (EERA) is an organization made up of more than 30 national and regional Educational Research Associations from all part of Europe. This award is given every year at the Emerging Researchers' Conference to those researchers who are judged to have given the best presentations under the following 6 criteria:

- quality of the research in terms of theoretical and methodological aspects
- originality of the work presented
- added value of the research in term of “closing a gap” in knowledge
- degree of European contexualisation
- adequateness and originality of poster layout in relation to its contents
- quality of the 6 minute and 40 seconds poster presentation

The title of Assistant Professor Hayashi’s winning presentation is “An Analysis of the Global Education Policy Market -Its Rise and Impact.”

Developments in research on comparative education and assessment techniques are giving rise to attempts among countries worldwide to export their own educational systems overseas.
In this research, in order to clarify the situation of an education policy market that transcends national borders, Assistant Professor Hayashi conducted interviews at national educational research institutes in countries including Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, and examined the characteristics of “education exporting countries” and “education importing countries.” As a result, he discovered that what is taking place is a set of circumstances as “educational hegemony,” which is due to research on comparative education and the results of assessments becoming combined with market mechanism.