Specially Appointed Professor Toshio Ohhashi explained to the press about the functions of Perspiration Meter, which was developed by his research group. Professor Ohhashi expressed his willingness to implement the use of the meter in society, saying, “Pu

The device called "Perspiration Meter" was developed by a research group of the School of Medicine including Specially Appointed Professor Toshio Ohhashi (the Department of Innovation of Medical and Health Sciences Research) and is to be covered by public medical insurance from April 2018. The press conference was held on December 27, 2017.

The Perspiration Meter applies a new method, electronically measuring the perspiration rate through the difference in humidity between the skin’s surface and the air. The research team has been developing the meter since 1981, and the meter was medically approved in 1991. Perspiration Meter significantly reduces the burden on patients, and is widely used for diagnosis and the treatment of autonomic nervous system dysfunctions such as Parkinson’s disease and connective tissue diseases.

More than three hundred meters have already been used by university hospitals and cosmetics manufacturers throughout Japan. And finally, Perspiration Meter has been approved to be covered by insurance, because its usefulness is recognized. Now that it is covered by insurance, the meter is expected to be used by various clients including practitioners. There is also the possibility of exporting it.

About Perspiration Meter (Skinos NAGANO):http://skinos-nagano.co-site.jp/pers/