The second Japan-Brazil International seminar entitled, “Litigation and Society: Cultural Diversity and Global Challenges” was held at the University of Sao Paulo in collaboration with Shinshu University on September 16th and 17th, 2019. The first seminar was held at Shinshu University in January of 2018.

Similar laws in differing countries may have different meaning or purpose and usage due to their differences in history and cultural backgrounds. It is essential to compare laws and their implementation across countries for the study and development of law. More than a hundred lawyers, judges, government officials and researchers from both countries attended this seminar, leading to a passionate discussion on the matter.

Labor law reform was the leading theme for this meeting. Brazil implemented labor law reforms in 2017 and Japan experienced work style reforms in 2018. By comparing recent similar events the countries were able to identify characteristics and issues of each system. Family law and pension policies were also discussed.

Having discussions in Brazil was very fruitful for the group that travelled, allowing for insights otherwise unattainable through literature alone. The Japan-Brazil exchange will continue for the advancement of law for both countries.