On February 5, 2018, Yuka Sakai, a junior at the Faculty of Agriculture, visited the president’s room and reported to President Kunihiro Hamada about the 2018 World U-24 Ultimate Championships (*). The championships were held from January 7th to 13th in Australia. As a member of the mixed division of the National Team, Ms. Sakai contributed to the team that won second place.

President Hamada said, “I, as a representative of the University, am proud of your achievement. You played as a member of the U-24 national team, but next time I would like to see you playing as member of the national ‘A’ team.” He encouraged her on, hoping for her active participation in the future. Associate Professor Ken-ichi Matsushima of the Faculty of Agriculture, who is a supervisor, and who accompanied Ms. Sakai, gave the following message, “If Ms. Sakai goes to graduate school, she will have an opportunity to participate in the World U-24 Championships once again. I expect her to be good both academically and at sports.”

Ms. Sakai, wearing her silver medal, said, “I felt frustrated in the final game with the U.S. but I enjoyed it. The championships have boosted my confidence. So, I would like to develop as a player while I share my experiences with younger members. I want more people to see and know about Ultimate, because it is an interesting sport.”

* Ultimate is a sport using a flying disc. The rules are similar to those of basketball or American football.
Please refer to the article below for the scenes during the games.