On April 19, 2018, during a visit of Sri Lankan University of
Kelaniya's representatives, including the vice-chancellor, Prof. D.M. Semasinghe, a bilateral student and research exchange agreement was ceremonially signed by the vice-chancellor and Shinshu University President Kunihiro Hamada.

Sri Lanka is attracting a lot of international attention due to its remarkable economic growth. The University of Kelaniya belongs to the top four national universities in Sri Lanka, having faculties in the research areas of Commerce & Management, Computing and Technology, Graduate Studies, Humanities, Medicine, Science, and Social Sciences.

During the signing ceremony, President S.M. Semasinghe expressed their wish to strengthen the scientific cooperation especially in the areas of Water Management, Textile Industry and Financial Affairs. President Hamada furthermore offered extensive support in the field of Water Treatment Technology - a part of COI Management - and Fiber Technologies, which are Shinshu University's areas of expertise.

Based on this agreement, the exchange of students and researchers will be promoted in the near future.