From the Left: Seitaro Ichinohe, Daichi Yamanaka, Nao Kodaira, Professor Masahiro Yuki

On January 30th, 2018, PyeongChang Olympic speed skaters Nao Kodaira, Daichi Yamanaka, and Seitaro Ichinohe visited Shinshu University’s Nagano Education Campus for an Olympic send-off reception and talks with University President Dr. Kunihiro Hamada and board members.

Kodaira is an alumna of the Faculty of Education. Yamanaka graduated from the National Institute of Technology, Nagano College, and worked in the Faculty of Education as a research fellow at one time. Ichinohe is currently a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Education. With Education Faculty Professor and Japanese Olympic speed skating team coach Masahiro Yuki in attendance, President Hamada, Trustee Yoshinao Hirano, and Faculty of Education Dean and Professor Yuki Nagamatsu gave talks on such topics as the climate in PyeongChang, training methods, even the status of Ichinohe's graduation thesis. All participants expressed great pleasure to have attended the meeting.

During his address to the three skaters, President Hamada encouraged the athletes and said: “As you once admired the accomplished skaters of yesterday, I hope you will show a similarly powerful performance to the children of today and pass the baton of dreams of excellence to the next generation.”

From the Left: President Dr. Hamada, Trustee Hirano, Faculty of Education Dean and Professor Yuki Nagamatsu