1. Exhibit "Smart Precision Forestry using ICT and AI technology" at MEXT

Exhibit "Smart Precision Forestry using ICT and AI technology" at MEXT


The exhibit by Shinshu Uni, “Smart Precision Forestry using ICT and AI technology” has been held at MEXT, Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, in Tokyo until August 6, 2021.

Masato Katoh, Professor of Institute for Mountain Science at Shinshu University has developed the original ICT-integrated technology which synthesizes laser scanning information from airplanes, drones, and terrestrial tablet devices. The image analysis of terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) reveals the structure of every single tree in three-dimension (3D), which enables loggers to cut down the very tree they need. Moreover, the new technology with AI can automatically extract healthier young trees, and can specify the species of broad leaf trees which are traded at high prices.

Consequently, Smart Precision Forestry has created a consistent forestry business from tree cutting to the distribution. A consortium has been organized for the forestry business joined by forestry cooperatives, forest measurement companies, etc., and supported by Nagano prefecture and Forest Management Office. The global competitiveness of Smart Precision Forestry attracts industries including Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited, which invested in Shinshu Uni forestry venture, started with new service of forestry trust, and has been entrusted to Nishiawakura Village, Okayama, Japan since August, 2020.

Smart Precision Forestry is the promising technology for underutilized forestry resources. It has drastically changed the forestry industry and initiated an innovation to revitalize the forestry and generate spinoff benefits to the communities. The exhibit introduces Smart Precision Forestry by diorama, video with researchers and partner company’s interviews, and introductory panel for Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) system using ICT and AI technology.