1. Interdisciplinary Agricultural Research Group "Food & Agriculture Industrial Development (FAID)"

Interdisciplinary Agricultural Research Group "Food & Agriculture Industrial Development (FAID)"

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Guiding agriculture to industrial growth with engineering knowledge. A Food & Agriculture Industrial Development (FAID) interdisciplinary research group has been launched by the Shinshu University Faculty of Engineering (Nagano City).

The food and agricultural industry advanced interdisciplinary research group FAID aims to improve industrialization of agriculture and brand power by deploying advanced engineering knowledge and applying it in the agriculture and food fields. More than 60 groups are participating, such as producers, food manufacturers, agricultural groups, agricultural machinery makers.

The FAID interdisciplinary research group is one of the initiatives for reforming current agriculture, and is an organization that solves problems through collaboration outside the faculty and graduate school, such as the Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, the Graduate School of Management (Institute of Innovation Management, Division of Industrial and Social Studies). In addition, it includes not only corporate groups, but also cities, towns, villages, Nagano Prefecture, and research institutes engaged in interdisciplinary research in the food and agriculture fields.

Market differentiation in agricultural produce, development of harvesting and processing technologies to achieve higher added value, the use of natural energy, the creation of functional foods, and participation and interaction with different fields create opportunities, leading to the discovery of the future directions of agriculture.