(1)The regular student health check-up, which was postponed due to the spread of COVID-19, will be held sequentially from July onwards for newly enrolled undergraduate students. For details, please refer to the General Health and Safety Center website (Japanese) or ※below.
For other students, it is undecided to have a medical examination. We will contact you as soon as the details are determined.
Regular student health check-up, including chest X-ray and urinalysis, will be held in July sequentially in faculty wise to avoid crowded condition. Please check the date and time for each faculty with email sent later.
Students who are not currently staying in Matsumoto do not have to come to Matsumoto only for the health check-up.
If it overlaps with the class schedule, prioritize the class. If you can not come to the health check on the specified day, you will have the opportunity again later.
Please wear a mask and come on the day of your health checkup. To prevent congestion in chest X-ray check, please wear a plain T-shirt without decoration or print.

(2)You may be required to submit a health checkup certificate for job hunting, it is not recommended that each student receive a health checkup at a medical institution in view of the circumstances of the medical institution.
In this case, please consult the Career Education and Support Center.