1. Information Regarding the Novel Coronavirus (November 22, 2022 updated)

Information Regarding the Novel Coronavirus (November 22, 2022 updated)

To Shinshu University Students

Vaccination information for students

Please refer to Vaccination at Shinshu University (October 25, 2022 updated)

Alert Level of Shinshu University

Shinshu University sets the alert level 2【Alert】on September 26 2022.

Urgent message from the President (November 22, 2022)

Urgent message issued by the President on November 22, 2022, and please keep in mind once more in the following points.

1. Avoiding the "Three Cs: Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close contact settings", ventilation, and eating in silence on a daily basis.
2. When eating together, comply with the new code of conduct of Nagano Prefecture "Kaisyokunosusume"(
3. Refrain from entering enclosed spaces, including recreational facilities, with large groups of people, as the risk of infection is extremely high.
4. Recommendation of the Omicron-Specific COVID-19 Booster Vaccination

Shinshu University Measures of COVID-19 infection from September 26, 2022

【Points of Attention】

  • If you have symptoms of a cold like sore throat, sense of fatigue, abnormal taste or smell, even if they are mild symptoms, do not meet people or go out and stay home to recuperate. In this case, please report the university and do not attend classes until you receive permission from the university.
  • Even if you have symptoms (excluding high-risk individuals), when symptoms are mild, you should not visit a doctor, but instead use a self-examination and stay at home to recover. (If symptoms are severe or last several days, consult the nearest health center regarding a doctor's visit).
  • Prepare drinking water, food, and fever reducer which are bought over the counter in case of staying at home to recover.
  • High-risk individuals such as the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions, as well as those who live with them or are contact with them, including those who are scheduled to come in contact with for practical training, etc., should avoid situations and places at a high risk of infection as possible, and take measures to not to be infected, and also act to let them not infected.
  • Please comply with the new code of conduct of Nagano Prefecture when you eating together. (Prefer to the following link)
  • In case of participating in field-work, training camps, etc., and overnight there, please ensure to take measures against infection and 7 days before participating to avoid eating and drinking together, and all the participants are "third vaccination completed " or getting "negative results of PCR or quantitative antigen test within 3 days and qualitative antigen test within 1 day" are recommended. (*Government-approved Antigen test kits should be used.) Even if having negative result, taking the basic measures against infection, like wearing a non-woven mask is required.
  • Wear a non-woven mask and thoroughly ventilate when traveling by car with people.
  • Wear a mask and wash/disinfect your hands when you take a break in the laboratory or have study sessions.

Dear Students, ~Medical state of emergency has been lifted and made revision to code of conduct ~

  1. Act Responsibly in Daily Activities
  2. If you have cold symptoms
  3. If you are infected or become a close contact
  4. Notes when you go overseas or back to Japan
  5. Correspondence to international students who cannot come to Japan
  6. About unnecessary and non-urgent trips to infection spread areas
  7. Regarding the classes and students' access to campus
  8. About suspension of attendance due to infection / Considerations for attendance suspension
  9. Support for students in difficulties
  10. Vaccination at Shinshu University updated
  11. About job-hunting process
  12. About mental healthcare
  13. About measures in student dormitories and international house
  14. About club and extracurricular activities

■ To Undergraduate Students / Graduate Students
■ To International Students
(Please also find the "To Undergraduate Students / Graduate Students)

To Shinshu University Faculty and Staff

■ Information card of the COVID-19: