Shinshu University Hospital, Center for Clinical Research

The Clinical Trial Research Center of Shinshu University Hospital conducts and supports industry- and investigator-sponsored clinical trials safely, efficiently, and fairly in compliance with good clinical practices (GCP).

The center has a good clinical trial completion rate. Experienced in-house clinical research coordinators, who are qualified nurses, medical laboratory scientists, or pharmacists, support trial patients and investigators.

We have experience with multinational clinical trials, and can use protocols, case report forms and EDC systems (such as Rave and OC-RDC) in English. The center organizes lectures and open seminars to provide education for patients and investigators. The center also serves as the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office.

Our hospital works for promotion of clinical research in cooperation with other national university hospitals as a member of the UHCT (University Hospital Clinical Trial) alliance, which was established to improve the clinical trial environment, especially for multinational trials and to conduct global studies in Japan. In addition, our hospital has joined the National Clinical Trial Network of Japanese Medical Association and implements multicenter clinical trials with hospitals all over Japan.

Number of clinical trials

No. of newly Contracted trialsCompleted trials
1234 (%)
2010 19 13 77 66 85.7
2011 18 15 72 60 83.3
2012 24 14 67 61 91.0
2013 27 18 75 57 76.0
2014 13 25 116 74 63.8
  1. No. of trials
  2. No. of contracted cases
  3. No. of completed cases
  4. Rate of completion


Director, Professor Ryuhei Okuyama, M.D.,Ph.D.
Co-director Kazuhiko Matsumoto, M.D.,Ph.D.
Mailing Address Clinical Trial Research Center
Shinshu University Hospital
3-1-1 Asahi Matsumoto,
Nagano390-8621, Japan
Phone +81-263-37-3389
Fax +81-263-37-3460

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