1. MoU Signing Ceremony with Nantong University

MoU Signing Ceremony with Nantong University


On April 25, 2024, a delegation from Nantong University, China, visited Shinshu University Matsumoto Campus for the signing ceremony of an inter-university MoU.

Since entering an inter-faculty academic exchange agreement between Shinshu University Faculty of Textile Science and Technology and Nantong University School of Textile and Clothing in 2015, the parties have had a series of active inter-faculty academic exchanges in both research and education, and now the universities have agreed to enter an MoU at the inter-university level to expand the fields of academic exchange.

The seven-member delegation led by President YANG Yumin was welcomed by President NAKAMURA, Vice President YONEKURA (International Planning and Strategy), Professor KIM Ick-Soo (IFES), and other related academic members. President NAKAMURA expressed his expectations for the development of both universities through the expansion of academic exchange, and his hope that this partnership will contribute to the strengthening of good relations between Japan and China, as well as to world peace. President YANG of Nantong University then expressed his expectations for greater exchange and cooperation between the two universities, and extended an invitation to the 20th anniversary celebration of the university's founding.

After signing the agreement at the ceremony, the two presidents smiled, shook hands, and continued to discuss the possibility of future exchanges.

Nantong University is a comprehensive university that has developed its unique faculty system by integrating a textile, medical, engineering schools and a normal college. In particular, six disciplines are in the top 1% of ESI global ranking of disciplines: clinical medicine, neuroscience and behavioral sciences, engineering, pharmacology and toxicology, biology and biochemistry, and chemistry. In addition, the university has School of International Education and School of Continuing Education.

The parties have many points in common, such as the background of establishment, faculties, an affiliated hospital, and other facilities, and it is expected that this MoU will lead to the further promotion and development of academic exchange, including joint research.


President NAKAMURA shaking hands with President YANG


Commemorative gift from Nantong University to Shinshu University

Members of the Nantong University delegation:
- Prof. YANG Yumin, The President of Nantong University
- Prof. QI Xiaofeng, Director, Department of International Cooperation and Exchange
- Prof. SHI Zhenquan, Vice Director, Department of Science and Technology
- Prof. ZHANG Wei, Dean of School of Textile and Clothing
- Prof. WU Li, Dean of School of Life Sciences (School of Ocean Sciences)
- Prof. ZHANG Fubao, Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering
- Prof. ZHANG Guangyu, Vice Dean of School of Textile and Clothing

Participating from Shinshu University:
- Prof. NAKAMURA Soichiro, President
- Prof. YONEKURA Shinichi, Vice-President for International Planning and Strategy
- Assistant Prof. NAKASATO Lauren, Center for Global Education and Collaboration
Prarticipating from School of Textile Science and Technology, Shinshu Universiry:
- Prof. Syunichi Kobayashi (Director of International Affairs Office)
- Prof. KIM Ick-Soo (Director of IFES)
- Associate Prof. ZHU Chunhong
- Associate Prof. SHI Jian
- Specially Appointed Prof. BAO Limin