1. Exhibit at MEXT: "Natural Science Special Feature Shinshu University"

Exhibit at MEXT: "Natural Science Special Feature Shinshu University"


The Exhibit is located at the entrance space on the 2nd floor of the East Building of MEXT, adjacent to the reception desk.

Shinshu University presents the exhibit, "Natural Science Special Feature Shinshu University," which is on display from November 10 until December 22, 2023, at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Nestled in the alpine region of Shinshu, surrounded by the Japanese Alps, this area is often referred to as the "roof of Japan." Notably, the region recently gained international attention when the predatory behavior of Japanese macaques towards fish was documented for the first time in Kamikochi, Nagano. The Faculty of Science at Shinshu University played a pivotal role in disseminating this groundbreaking research through a compelling research paper and shocking photographs.

The exploration of "Natural Science" at Shinshu encompasses a rich legacy dating back to the days of Nagano Normal School and the Matsumoto Higher School, the precursors of Shinshu University and the commitment to investigating, researching, and preserving the environment, coupled with diverse educational activities in the field, continues to be a hallmark of the university.

Noteworthy aspects of this legacy include the "Kotani Collection," a premier assortment of mountain books in Japan; the Shinshu University Museum of Nature and Science, housing rare stuffed animals, plant specimens, and other invaluable materials inherited from precursor schools; field education at the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Agriculture; and the Institute for Mountain Science. Together, these elements contribute to shaping the unique brand of higher education and research that defines Shinshu University, the sole national university in Nagano Prefecture.

The exhibition showcases materials that serve as the foundation of this distinctive brand, along with precious "treasures" passed down through generations.

Among the main exhibits are:

- Stuffed Lagopus muta dating from the Meiji period to the early Showa period

- Image projection and aerial exploration of Shinshu via drone, including NHK Kamikochi Video Archives, etc.

- Panel and augmented reality (AR) display featuring examples of natural science research (accessible via web link) and AR presentations of alpine animals


Exhibit viewed from the outside


Stuffed Lagopus muta


AR of Antelope and Japanese macaque