1. University of Lille, France, visits Shinshu University

University of Lille, France, visits Shinshu University


Photo session

On September 12, 2023, a delegation from the University of Lille, France, visited Shinshu University at Matsumoto campus.

Shinshu University (SU) and the University of Lille (Université de Lille, UDL) have developed collaboration in research and education since the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding in 2014, encouraged by international joint research in the field of engineering. In 2017, SU established a collaborative lab “LIA-MODO” and a satellite office at UDL, followed by UDL’s satellite office at SU in 2018, which was their first one in Asia.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss and expand the possibilities of cooperation in research and education in the fields of textile, medicine, law and economics. SU welcomed the proposals and also asked for the continuation and further development of the existing collaborative research.

Regarding an upcoming overseas educational program, SU informed about a planned cultural exchange student trip to UDL next February and asked for cooperation, which UDL confirmed very positively.

It was a meaningful discussion that ended with good perspectives for both sides.

Delegates from University of Lille:
・Prof. Nil Toulouse, Vice-President for International and European Affairs
・Prof. Didier Gosset, Advisor to the President for International Partnerships, Ambassador of the University
・Prof. Jean-Yves Dieulot, School of Engineering

Participants from Shinshu University:
・Prof. Shinichi Yonekura, Vice President for International Planning and Strategy
・Prof. Kazuhiko Takano, Director of Center for General Education
・Prof. Hernan Aguirre, Faculty of Engineering
・Senior Assistant Prof. Tamako Suzuki, Center for General Education
・Assistant Prof. Amanda Schuetze, Center for Global Education and Collaboration


Exchange of commemorative gifts


Visit to Matsumoto Castle