1. "Matsumoto Zero Carbon Consortium" established by Shinshu University and Matsumoto City

"Matsumoto Zero Carbon Consortium" established by Shinshu University and Matsumoto City


Soichiro Nakamura, President of Shinshu University (left) and Yoshinao Gaun, Mayor of Matsumoto City, shaking hands for further collaboration.

Nagano, Japan — Shinshu University and Matsumoto City have organized “Matsumoto Zero Carbon Consortium" (MZCC) to realize a zero-carbon society by industry, academia, and government partnerships. Its press conference was held on January 17, 2022.

Known as an urgent global challenge, the Zero Carbon Society they design is an energy-independent society which vitalizes the area itself and promotes the business chances by mobilizing the capacities of Industry-Academia-Government. A wide variety of industries and institutions have already been expressing their wills to participate in the projects, and the collaboration across disciplines give hope to generate synergy effects.

Shinshu University plays an integral role in the consortium by making the advanced knowledge and techniques available and promoting further collaboration with many other organizations in and around the area.

Their strategies for Zero Carbon cover wide-range of issues including the local-led energy business establishment, full installation of sustainable energy, developments of energy saving technologies for homes and buildings, and widespread use of electric vehicles (EVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). With these projects’ achievements, the consortium will promote decarbonizing all over the area and empower the residents.

The consortium will keep promoting to have further participation from companies and local governments for the inaugural meeting scheduled late February.

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Tsunehide Chino, Associate Professor at Shinshu University Faculty of Arts, explains about the consortium.

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From left: Yashuto Hayashi, Vice-president of Shinshu University (Chairman of the consortium), Dr. Nakamura, president of SU (Initiator of it), Yoshinao Gaun, and Mayor of Matsumoto City, Shin Miyanomoto, Deputy Mayor

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