1. Infinite Circulation Challenge: Shinshu model "Circular Eco-House" unveiled at the Faculty of Engineering

Infinite Circulation Challenge: Shinshu model "Circular Eco-House" unveiled at the Faculty of Engineering


Shinshu model ‘Circular Eco-House’ and Prof. Katsuya Teshima, Director of Research Initiative for Supra-Materials, explaining the total vision of the circular society in which any kind of living infrastructures are supplied as a circulation system, and the house’s functions.

Nagano, Japan — A "Circular Eco-House" that recycles water, energy, and materials was unveiled at the Faculty of Engineering, Nagano campus, on Tuesday, November 9th. University President Soichiro Nakamura and representatives of companies who assisted in the development of the eco-house were in attendance.

This circular eco-house is equipped with various devices that were developed independently or with each participating company, and will serve as a base for technology demonstration. All necessary functions are self-maintained in the event of a disaster and the circular eco-houses can be introduced quickly as a standalone infrastructure in difficult mountainous areas, depopulated areas, islands, and developing countries while maintaining safety for basic living.

By practicing a sustainable material-cycle society in which citizens coexist with nature, the project's goal is to realize a world where people can live sustainably and securely. The plan is to add three eco-houses to form a zero-carbon square so that students, faculty, staff, and local residents can experience the circular lifestyle. Through the involvement of everyone, the project will continue to explore the concept of sustainable living and accelerate the demonstration experiments.

In addition, the "Circular Ecolab", which conducts research and development of technologies to be demonstrated in the eco-house, was set up in the Faculty of Engineering, and was opened to the public on the same day, and has begun full-scale operation.

Shinshu University Research Initiative for Supra-Materials

Shinshu University Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research


Inside of the house are various innovative circulate devices.


‘Circular Ecolab’ for research and development for the circular house.