1. New Healthcare Service to Enhance Lifestyles of Patients, Families and Healthcare Workers

New Healthcare Service to Enhance Lifestyles of Patients, Families and Healthcare Workers


What would it be like if you can have comprehensive healthcare services no matter where you live, like in a mountain area, while maintaining your lifestyle? Naoto Saito, Professor and Director of Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Shinshu University and his research group have tackled the issue of people’s health and wellbeing and launched a project in partnership with industries, hospitals and local governments.

Their project coalition has been approved as the innovative platform program (COI-NEXT) by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), which aims to power social innovation based on the SDGs with university-industry-government partnership. Shinshu University leads the coalition which includes Gunma University, Terumo Corp., a medical equipment manufacturer and Nagano prefecture as core members. The project is implemented until 2023 March.

In Nagano, known as the long-lived mountainous prefecture, Dr. Saito has set a goal to realize “Smart At-home Medical Device Systems” (SAMS) which enables all the residents to receive healthcare services and to maintain their lifestyles at the same time, no matter where they live and what symptoms they have. With establishing the new system to the communities, he also is eager to empower the business and medical services in local communities in the near future.

For further information, refer to JST’s innovative platform program (pdf) and JST website.


The image of "Smart At-home Medical Device Systems" for people's health and wellbeing in the community.
CREDIT: Kaori Toriyama, Associate Professor of Shinshu University-Innovative Research and Liaison Organization (SUIRLO)