1. "The Future of Water Bridged by Science" seminar held at MEXT Information Plaza!

"The Future of Water Bridged by Science" seminar held at MEXT Information Plaza!


Participants listening intently

Shinshu University held a mini-seminar “The Future of Water Bridged by Science” on December 13, 2019 at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Information Plaza Lounge. This mini-seminar was held in conjunction with a special exhibition at the entrance to the ministry, "Changing the Future of Water with Shindai Crystal" (exhibition period: mid-November to mid-December 2019). At the seminar lounge was an open bar where delicious coffee, teas and other beverages using water purified by Shindai Crystal was served to 210 people.


Prof. Katsuya Teshima


Prof. Takashi Kato (University of Tokyo)


Clean Water Cafe

The first seminar was a lecture entitled "Shindai Crystal for SDGs" by the developer of "Shindai Crystal” Shinshu University Professor Katsuya Teshima. “Shindai Crystal” is inorganic crystals grown by the flux method whose technology was developed by Shinshu University. Professor Teshima spoke about the portable water purification bottle, successfully put to market for removing heavy metals from your water on the go. Currently there are various water purification cartridges under development as well as a teabag style water purifier. In an effort to help with the world’s water crisis the university has set a purification test site in Tanzania to remove harmful substances from drinking water. Each of these initiatives add up to help get closer to achieving the SGDs.

The second seminar entitled, “The Future of Water through Materials,” was given by Professor Takashi Kato, principal investigator of the MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas “Aquatic Functional Materials”, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Advancements in material chemistry has led to the development of high-strength, high-heat-resistant, high-performance materials that have enriched our lives with convenience. Professor Kato states now research on new materials have an emphasis on sustainability and are made by energy saving processes and decompose and return to nature after the end of their use.

110 people were able to attend the seminars despite it taking place during the lunch break. We would like to thank those involved on behalf of the organizer. (Public Relations Office, General Administration Division, Shinshu University)