1. Special exhibition of Shindai Crystal at the MEXT entrance

Special exhibition of Shindai Crystal at the MEXT entrance


Shindai Crystals are on display at the entrance of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Museum, “Information Plaza”. Visitors can learn about Shindai Crystals through CG videos, panels, and actual samples of Shindai Crystal.

Shinshu University has developed a new adsorbent that efficiently removes harmful substances from water such as lead, arsenic, and fluorine. The NaTiO bottle that uses such technology was released in 2018. The adsorbent is made via the flux method, which Shinshu University proudly leads the world in.

The flux method allows for finely tuned design of crystal structures, such as the ability to adsorb toxic substances for water treatment. This method allows for the production of materials that are suitable for medical equipment to be implanted in human bodies, and lithium ion secondary batteries.

Shindai Crystals, named after Shinshu University and related materials grown by the flux method are being used in crucial fields such as water treatment, health and energy.

Main exhibit
○ Sample display
・Portable water purifier NaTiO: Portable water purifier with Shindai Crystal
・Fabricated gems, sapphire ingots, etc.
・Shindai Crystal image model
・Lithium-ion secondary battery using Shindai Crystal
○ Video
・Introduction of Shinshu University's Inorganic Crystal Growth Technology: Flux Method and Shindai Crystal
○ Panel
・Introduction of "Portable water purification bottle NaTiO" developed by Shinshu University and TOCLAS
・Shindai Crystal is born of the "Flux Method"! Introduction of crystallization technology


Fabricated sapphire ingots, various products with Shindai Crystal etc.


Mock-up model of Lithium-ion secondary battery using Shindai Crystal