1. Professor Kim Ick Soo Develops the World's Most Breathable Material for Sanitary Goods

Professor Kim Ick Soo Develops the World's Most Breathable Material for Sanitary Goods


Professor Kim Ick Soo, Division of Frontier Fibers at Institute for Fiber Engineering, successfully developed the sanitary goods made of nano-fiber which had been substantially improved the breathability than conventional film products for industrial use.

Dr. Kim and his colleagues had prospects for the solution of issues of the conventional women's sanitary products if they utilize thin (less than 10 -㎛ thick) and light nano-fiber sheets and the mass production technology of nano-fiber. They had laminated nano-fiber sheet on unwoven fabric and made up a trial model which would be enabled the mass production.

The new sanitary goods were developed through international collaboration by utilizing the strength of the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology. They are manufactured in compliance with international regulations on chemical substances that should be considered for health and the environment (REACH regulation, RoHS directive), and they not only have the world's most breathability but also have antibacterial performance. In addition, it has the potential to become a "high-valued product" with good texture and hypoallergenic performance.

If the mass production and processing technology of nanofiber sheets further develops in the near future, it will be possible to lower the price and it is also expected to be applied to various sanitary goods using high-performance nanofiber materials. Not only Japanese but also Chinese and South Korean media reporters participated at a press conference held in the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology on July 9, 2018, which showed their much interests in the new products.