1. Three members are Newly Designated as "Rising Star" Researchers

Three members are Newly Designated as "Rising Star" Researchers


From the Left: Executive Vice President Soichiro Nakamura, RS researcher Dr. Shimosato, Dr. Suzuki, Dr. Yamazaki, University President Kunihiro Hamada

On April 2, 2018, a ceremony was held to officially designate the "Rising Star" (RS) researchers at Shinshu University. The newly designated researchers are 3 members of Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research (ICCER) and Next-generation Research Center Cluster: Associate Professor Tsuyoshi Shimosato of Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Associate Professor Daisuke Suzuki of Institute for Fiber engineering, and Associate Professor Kimitoshi Yamazaki of Research Center for Agricultural and Food Industry (CAFI).

Dr. Shimosato’s research field is Animal Science and Molecular Biotechnology, Dr. Suzuki’s is Functional Polymer Particle, and Dr. Yamazaki’s is Intelligent Robotics. Their academic accomplishments, such as publishing papers, earing public research grants, and winning academic awards, have contributed to their outstanding evaluation.

Rising Star (RS) System is a system for young excellent researchers to strategically promote a talent innovation for core technology cultivation and new academic areas creation toward "Super Star researchers". RS researchers are provided with a better research environment such as special supports for fundamental research costs, ensuring time to dedicate to their advanced research, and advancing interdisciplinary activities between keen RS researchers.

Their continued success is greatly anticipated.

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