We are pleased to announce that our assistant professor, Yasuhiro Kohsaka, was selected as one of the “stellar cast” of outstanding young researchers invited to contribute to Emerging Investigators 2018, a themed collection of Polymer Chemistry, one of the world's top academic journals in this field (Publisher: the Royal Society of Chemistry (U.K.), Impact factor: 5.375).

Selection Committee: Editorial and advisory board members of Polymer Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry (U.K.)
Date: Mar. 19, 2018
Article Title: Conjugate substitution and addition of α-substituted acrylate: a highly efficient, facile, convenient, and versatile approach to fabricate degradable polymers by dynamic covalent chemistry.
Researcher: Yasuhiro Kohsaka (assistant prof.)
Academic department: Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Department of Chemistry and Materials, Applied Molecular Chemistry Course
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