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Unique Programs of Study

Advanced Leading Graduate Program Cultivation of future global leaders in the fiber renaissance

Advanced Leading Graduate Program Cultivation of future global leaders in the fiber renaissance

By uniting Shinshu University's Interdisciplinary Graduate Schools of Science and Technology this five-year program represents an entirely new approach to cultivating future leaders in the Textile and Fiber Engineering fields. Students will acquire not only special knowledge and applied skills in fiber sciences but also a broader perspective on the relationships amongst humans and fiber technologies. Valuable research skills will be learned through interdisciplinary and cross-industry connections, and management skill training will allow students to become future project leaders in commercialization and operations studies. We want our students to lead the fiber technology revolution and to be at the forefront of solving real-world fiber problems. We offer both the curriculum and the support system to make that happen. We have the door to your future in the fiber elite.

Doctor's Course Academic Degree Program Sustainable Society Global Talent Cultivation Program

In order to realize healthy economic growth with both social economic activities and global environmental conservation in notably developing Asia region, we offer the 5-year unified academic degree program of master's program and doctor's program. The students will be cultivated to become global leaders with the research and development skills of the leading-edge technology for sustainable energy, sustainable water, and sustainable food, as well as the clean MOT (management of technology) competence.

MEXT Program for Promoting Inter-University Collaborative Education

Shinshu University, Fukui University and Kyoto Institute of Technology, who all offer graduate school majors in fiber/textile engineering,have collaborated to integrate their educational and research resources, and now aim to leverage their collective strength by establishing a new world-leading organization of fiber research universities. Since 2013 each graduate school has offered a common Textile/Fiber Engineering Course into which five students are recruited per university each year. In addition to unique organization of fiber research Universities, our active collaborations with a support of fiber industry and related academic association will offer students a wide variety of unique core subject lectures. The course students are expected to become someone to succeed in the fiber/textile field globally with strong communication skills and a scientific analytical ability

Cultivate Researchers for the Future Global Ethical Mind CITI Japan Project

Japanese medical techniques are being developed rapidly. There have been a number of researchers working in the backstage of researches that paid tremendous benefits to the human race such as discovering the mechanisms of disease development and gene analysis. However, misconducts of those researchers have been occurring one after another recently, and the need of ethics education has increased. The 5-year ethics education project, "Standardization and Nationwide Implementation of Responsible Conduct of Research Education - CITI Japan Project" has been adopted by the MEXT, and Shinshu University began to work on development of e-learning course materials meeting the global standard together with the cooperative universities (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Fukushima Medical University, Kitasato University, Sophia University, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University) to aim at developing researchers who fully understand the responsible conduct of research (RCR) required of a global player.

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