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With the local community

A university that exists alongside the local community, is loved by, and walks hand-in-hand with the local community

Shinshu University has ranked overall top for four years running in the National Survey of the Degree of Contribution to a Local Community by a University conducted by the Nikkei Research Institute of Industry and Regional Economy from 2012 to 2015.
There are several reasons why the university is so highly appraised, including the number of open courses and on-demand courses for the general public and the frequency of symposiums and forums, as well as the diverse partnership programs and the large number of contracted or cooperative research projects and joint initiatives pursued through industryacademia-government collaboration.
The university has a very high number of partnership agreements with local governments and organizations, and strives to solve regional problems while also engaging in a wide range of collaborative projects with organizations and members of the public throughout the region by taking advantage of the campuses dispersed across Nagano Prefecture that serve as a hallmark of the University. The University also hosts many activities led by the students and student clubs as well as by faculty members.

Shinshu Doctor-Heli Matsumoto

The service was launched in October 2011 to provide a higher level of emergency medical aid, and as of October 2015 it has been utilized 2,000 times.

University Hospital

The University Hospital, equipped with 700 beds and 68 clinics, is not only a general medical examination and treatment center but also a specialized hospital that conducts more advanced medical and clinical research. Furthermore, it acts as a teaching hospital that trains the next generation of healthcare professionals. Some of the hospital's most recent achievements include a world- and Japanfirst adult living donor liver transplant as well as numerous other successes.

Ranked first in degree of local community contribution by a university four years in a row

Shinshu University ranked overall top for four years running, in a National Survey of Degree of Contribution to a Local Community by a University, conducted every year by the Nikkei Research Institute of Industry and Regional Economy. It is the first time a university has enjoyed top ranking four years in succession.

Partnership agreements with cable television providers in Nagano Prefecture

Shinshu University concluded a partnership agreement in 2012 with the Nagano Prefectural Council of the Shinetsu Branch of Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association, for the purpose of contributing to regional development. Forums for citizens and Shinshu University have been held pursuant to the agreement. The events were broadcast on CATV, which received very favorable reviews.

Shinshu University Disaster Mitigation and Prevention Center "Disaster Prevention Symposium for Citizens"

Shinshu University Disaster Mitigation and Prevention Center aims to promote education and research on regional disaster prevention and mitigation at Shinshu University in an organized manner. The Center utilizes the results of research on disaster generation mechanisms and thus improves disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities through regional cooperation.