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Accelerating Financial Collaboration between Industry, University and Government

Industrial innovation for the world born in Shinshu from industry-academia collaboration

Almost every research field currently represented in Shinshu University, such as environmental science, energy, medicine, fiber technology, bio-engineering, agriculture, etc., now benefits from the accelerating pace of collaboration between industry, university and government and the subsequent availability of funding. The training received by bank personnel working as financial coordinators enables them to contribute to matching the potential of our academic research to the technical resources of local companies. The Shinshu University "Forest of Knowledge Exhibition" also serves to introduce the potential applications of our research to the local community.
Within the collaborative medical-engineering field of life innovation, we established the Shinshu Incubation Center for Medical Devices and Functional Food Development. In addition, the Shinshu Medical Industry Association provided a framework for collaboration with companies and other organizations. To this end, the Center for Shinshu Medical Innovation of Regional Technology was constructed to establish an ideal situation in which researchers from private companies and medical experts work together on research projects.
The Green Innovation initiative is another important aspect of our country's environmental energy strategy. As part of an interdisciplinary project to promote research and development on the conservation and usage of water resources, we are working on a new water management model. Under the heading of Agri-Innovation, "Food and Agriculture Industrial Development (FAID)", a cutting-edge interdisciplinary research institute responsible, in association with the farm unions, for the development and application of technologies for transforming agriculture into the sixth industry, is promoting collaboration between agriculture, commerce and engineering. The "Organization for the Promotion of Agri-Innovation in the Ina Valley Region" has been established to enable the Faculty of Agriculture and local companies to work together on solving semimountainous area issues, etc. and to promote new enterprise in agricultural and forestry.

"Wearable Robot" Robotic Wear "curara®"

This has been co-developed by our Faculty of Textile Science and Technology and a speed reducer manufacturer. It employs a nonexoskeletal structure (which supports joint movement using the skeletal system), best suited for supporting daily movements and also for rehabilitation, and is attracting attention from companies and social service agencies.

Near-Future Self-Contained Walking Assistance Cyborg Project

Shinshu University's Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research (ICCER) is currently developing cyborg science to help restore mobility to people who have difficulty walking due to intractable diseases. The technology will utilize intramedullary nail surgery to implant walking assistance devices equipped with smaller, lighter, and more highly performing components along wi th contactless rechargeable batteries based on the technologies now used in "curara®" Robotic Wear. This cutting-edge project by ICCER's four member institutes is Japan's first ever collaboration between medicine, engineering and fiber science.

Walking Assist Cyborg (Image)

SURGICAL BODY SUPPORT for a standing surgical operator

Joint research between companies and doctors at the Shinshu University Hospital resulted in a new product for use in surgical operations that stabilizes the human trunk and posture of the operator by supporting their lower back and upper limbs using a table upon which they can place their arms. The abilitytomake electrically-powered adjustments and wheellock functions help reduce the burden on the operator's upper and lower limbs during microscopic surgery undertaken while standing. (Patent Pending.)

Exhibition: Shinshu University Research Ideas Fair

This proprietary exhibition aims to present the potential applications of our current research to companies and other organizations in order to promote financial cooperation between industry, university and government. The researchers set up booths and give presentations on stage. The exhibition also offers the opportunity for researchers to exchange nformation among themselves, while also encouraging undergraduates to become researchers.

Nagano Brand Local Foods

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Creating Institutions to Revitalize Regions and Foster Human Resources" program, the Nagano Brand has been developed as the result of a collaborative venture between the Faculty of Engineering and the local community. Our products are exhibited every year at the "Universities are Delicious!!" fair, where jams and wines from the Faculty of Agriculture are also sold, and everyone talks about the unique food that Shinshu has to offer.

Training for coordinators from financial institutions

This training equips staff from financial institutions to collaborate with Shinshu University researchers as coordinators. They become partners we can rely on to use their knowledge and connections to match our new ideas to the needs of business.